Fine Environmental Services

Quench and Combustion Gas Treatment

Incinerator 91 2When the combustion gases exit the combustion chamber, they are rapidly quenched using water spray to reduce their temperature.

The possibility to retrofit equipment to recover heat from the flue gases is provided for within the design.

The combustion gases are directed into a venturi scrubber where they come into contact with a dilute solution of caustic soda in a packed column constructed from acid resistant materials.

This scrubbing system is designed to remove any Nitrogen oxide (“NOx”) and Sulphur oxide (“SOx”) acid gases present in the waste gas to within permitted limits.

The scrubbed gases will then feed forward into a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) to ensure removal of particulate solids to within regulatory limits, and from there to a heat exchanger where the water saturated gases are heated to ensure no visible steam plume exits the top of the 90 metre high stack.

With provision of heat recovery comes a requirement to provide additional protection for destruction of dioxins and this will be provided in a DeNOx unit fitted after the WESP.